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lookbooks|2023 summer collection

2023 summer collection

真昼の陽射しの眩しさから、だんだんと更ける宵の刻、 夜の虫の音、月明りの影、しっとりとした涼やかな風を肌に感じて。
情景を纏う夏のコレクションをご紹介いたします 。

The seasons change, to summer. From the dazzle of the midday sun, the evening gradually darkens. Feel the sounds of insects at night, the shadows of the moonlight, and the moist cool breeze on your skin. We will introduce a summer collection that will clothe you in scenes.

evam eva ウェブサイト lookbooks にて 2023 summer collection を公開いたしました。

We are pleased to announce that the 2023 summer collection is now available on the evam eva website lookbooks.


photograph : koji honda
hairmake : rumi hirose
model : karin (etrenne) , masaki seko (VELBED.)

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